Regular Car Servicing

With our busy lives, not everyone can be without their car for a day or two. Missing regular servicing of older vehicles is common and will often cause more problems in the long term. Having  your vehicle serviced regularly is the ideal way to keep it running correctly. It will reduce wear and tear, be more efficient, use less fuel and get you to where you need to go each time.


To give you an example, a customer missed a couple of small services requiring oil, oil filters, plugs etc. He might have saved $300 for each service but his car ended up with a major issue which cost double the price of the two services and has reduced the life of the vehicle's engine.


If your car is overdue for a service, we suggest you bring it in for an inspection. We can prepare a detailed report of items required urgently (if anything) and provide a timeline of upcoming  servicing requirements.


In most cases, our regular scheduled servicing sees vehicles dropped off in the morning, ready for collection in the afternoon. We work with you around your schedule and offer a drop off and pick up service within the Herston area.


Most regular car servicing includes the following :


Oil Change

Your cars oil should be changed regularly. A full oil change and oil filter replacement is recommended on every service.


Cooling & Radiator System

Radiator pressure test, inspection of hoses for leaks, check coolant level, check water pump for leaks. Tension belts if needed. 


Engine Tuning

Complete engine tune-up, fuel injectors cleaned, air intake system and fuel lines inspected. 


EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection

We have and use the latest electronic diagnostic equipment to ensure that the diagnosis of your vehicle is precise. We can service and recondition your injectors.


If you are in the Herston, Bowen Hills area and would like to book your car in for a service, call us today on 3257 7755










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