Brakes and Suspension

Safety and comfort while driving is important for all motorists.  Brake and suspension components take a lot of wear and tear and require periodic inspection to ensure they are working correctly. If you feel your car is taking longer to stop, or the ride as comfortable as it used to be, we recommend you bring it in for an assessment.


Our standard brake service includes disc pads and brake shoe replacement on front or rear wheels. If your brake discs are damaged, disc machining is available.


We provide a brake service including Disc pads, Disc rotors, shoes, cylinders, drums & fluid change.


We have the latest electronic computer needed to reset the electric handbrake on Volkswagen, Audi, Renault etc.


If you are in the Herston, Bowen Hills area and would like your brakes or suspension looked at, call us today on 3257 7755










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